Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aspen and Friends at the movies...

When I was doing the post on High School Musical 3 I remembered I had these pictures on my phone that I never printed. So finally I figured how to download these pictures off my phone so I thought I would share them. When Aspen turned 9 she wanted to go see High School Musical 3 with a couple friends. So these are the pictures I took. Her friends in the picture are Abby, Heather and of course Britain. They had so much fun. I am glad Aspen has such good friends.

High School Musical 3

This week I bought HSM3 for the kids. We saw it at the movie theatre when it came out and we loved it so much that we decided to buy it. It is kind of a modern version of Grease. So the kids have watched the movie and listened to the CD so much they almost have all the songs memorized, just within a few days. We went to Denver to go to the Temple on Saturday and of course we had to bring the movie and watch it in the car. When the kids were watching it there is a part where the character Troy lifts his arms up and you can see all his armpit hair and Britains says " I really like Troy he is so cool but Mom I don't want hairy armpits like him". I thought it was so funny because he wants to be like Troy but he just doesn't want those hairy armpits.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aspen playing basketball

So this year Aspen is in 3rd grade. It has been a big year for her. Britain got into Frontier Academy for Kindergarten and so Aspen got in too. So she had to make new friends and get used to a new school. She also decided to join the Frontier Basketball team. She has decided she is going to be a star at basketball. The first game she was just trying to get used to playing, the second game she finally got the hang of it and was playing great and the third game she finally scored two baskets and was all grins (the picture with her dad was after she made the baskets ). She is loving it and enjoying playing with her new friends.

Webkinz Craze

I had to post this because this has been a craze in my house for the last few months, collecting Webkinz. Britain got one from a birthday party and then Aspen had to have one and now we can't get enough. Aspen has 17 Webkinz and Britian has 14. They love naming them and creating their rooms. They like to spend part of their Saturdays playing games for webkinz dollars. So here is the picture of their collection.

Valentine's Day

So as Britain would say Happy Valentime's Day! We had a fun filled day with party and sweets. In Britain's class they did hearts decorated with tissue paper (which I was in charge of cutting for each child, lets just say my hand was hurting) they played bingo, decorated cookies and of course handed out valentines.
In Aspen's class they dipped different things in chocolate fondue and made coupons for their families. My contribution was the chocolate fondue which was the first time I had ever done it but it was so easy melting it in a crockpot with a little crisco. The kids had a great time with their parties and I am so glad I have the blessing of being home so I can share in these experiences.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Greeley Children's Chorale

Aspen auditioned this summer for the Greeley Children's Chorale and made it. We are so proud of her and all that she is doing this year. The chorale does three concerts a year and has the option to sing at extra activities, so far we have attended: Oktoberfest in Greeley and a UNC football game next we will be going to Disney on Ice. We have had fun watching her perform. This is a picture of her in one of her concert outfits.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Four Generations

After Christmas my family got together to celebrate with my grandma. Here is a photo we took of the four generations. What a great opportunity this was to get all four of us girls together. I am so grateful my daughter is able to get to know my wonderful Grandma Chris.