Thursday, March 26, 2009

A trip to the hospital

Not a good day at the Paul home! School had early release day so I ended up with a 20 lb. turkey I had cooked for an activity for Aspen's class (Turkey anyone?). Well we got home and not long after that Ryan came home due to the weather. So he thought he would be a great Dad and play football with the kids! It was fun at first (see the 1st picture) well then Britain went inside and Aspen continued to play with Dad and ended up hitting her cheek on the brick retaining wall in the backyard!!! So we went to the emergency room and she had to have four stitches (see the after picture). She was so brave!!! I love her so much!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mommy Daughter Time

Aspen's Choir had tickets for Disney on Ice so we decided to have a girls night out. We had so much fun watching the show. Aspen got some cotton candy and it came with the mask from The Incredibles. Doesn't she look cute? I really enjoyed spending some alone time with her. Here are some of the pictures we took there.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eye Problems

I need to start this story from the beginning. Around thanksgiving I got a stye on my eye and then it turned into a small bump on my eye. Well the past couple of weeks the bump started getting bigger and it was causing my eye sight to be impaired. So I decided to go to the Doctors to check it out this past Thursday. She first started by flipping my eyelid out. Do you remember those kids who would flip their eyelids out and chase you around the playground. So thats what she did to me! It was disgusting then she told me I needed to go see an opthomologist. So I went and saw him he said I had two options first I could go home and do warm compresses on my eye, clean it with a special soap and put a antibiotic cream on it daily for two weeks and see if it goes away or I could do a procedure where he sticks a needle into my eyelid to deaden it and then flip my eyelid out and then cut a slit under my eyelid to let it drain the bump. Well I have never had to do anything with my eyes, I have always had great eye sight so this procedure freaked me out so I decided to go with the 1st option. I hope it works or I will have to do the surgery because it is really impairing my vision. So pray for me that the warm compresses work. A little sidenote he in a non chalant way said well youv'e went through labor so this won't be that bad. I would rather go through labor again!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Grandma Chris turns 90

My Grandma Chris turned the big 90 on March 5th. My Mom and Aunt Jody had a big party for her on Saturday March 7th at the Methodist Church in Fort Morgan. We all had a great time and enjoyed seeing Grandma have a good time talking to family and friends. Here is a picture of her with Aspen and Britain. We love her so much!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kindercourt at Frontier

At Frontier Academy they teach Core Knowledge. They just ended the section on continents and now they are learning Aesop Fables. As part of their grade they did a mock trial and the fable characters had to plead their case and say if either they learned their lesson or if they taught the other character a lesson. They had a judge, jury, bailiffs, attorneys, defendants and plaintiffs. Britain's fable was The Grasshopper and The Ants. Britain was the ant. He had to tell the fable and the lesson he taught the grasshopper. Which was "There is a time for work and a time for play." He did a great job and practically recited the fable word for word. They practiced in class and then they got to go to a real court and do it there.