Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jalapenos Baby

We grew jalapenos in our garden this year so we had plenty to spare. Ryan thinks it is so funny for the kids to eat hot things. Britain will usually try but Aspen usually won't go for it (smart girl). But for some reason they both decided to try jalapenos with Dad. Let's just say there was puking, running and lots of milk drank that day. But they both can laugh about now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off to Community College!!!

So on Monday September 14th I registered and paid in full for the CNA program at Aims Community College. Here are some of the supplies I needed and of course I couldn't resist all of the pink! I am really nervous and excited in that order!!! A friend of mine Cee Cee will be going with me so that will be a great comfort. I start on November 9th and end December 10th that includes 4 weeks of class time and 1 week of clinicals and then I will have to take the state test to get my certification. What a new chapter in my life, I just really hope I can balance my life while doing this. I still want to be able to work but most importantly be able to be a volunteer at school, be at home to take and pick up my kids from school and just to put it bluntly everything I do now with my kids. So I think I will try to get a night job when I am done with school just two to three day a week so my kids never really know I am gone! We will see how it goes but first things first SCHOOL AND PASS EXAM!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vegas Trip with My Mom & A Case of Mistaken Identity

One day I told my mom I would like to do a weekend getaway with her, just go for a road trip and spend some time alone with her. She said" I would love that how about we fly to Las Vegas". So she and her husband paid for my hotel and plane fare for my 38th birthday gift. Wow the power of suggestion! So off we went we stayed Saturday through Tuesday. We saw the highlights of Vegas, caught a show, laid by the pool, shopped til we dropped and just a tad of gambling ( I think I spent $5.oo but I won $18.00 on a Wizard of Oz penny game).
The funniest thing that happened was in the Las Vegas Airport. My mom and I were sitting down eating breakfast and these three girls kept looking at me and saying "that is really her, Oh my Gosh I am freaking out". Two of them walked past me and met up with the third one in the hall and they were looking at their camera saying "We got a picture of her"! They were so excited! I am assuming they thought I was Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8. I have had several people say "You know you look like Kate from that T.V. show". Usually I am standing up when people have said this and they can tell I am not her. But I think because I never stood up or maybe they had too much to drink (It's Vegas) they really thought they saw Kate! So good I am glad I could make their day!
We had a great time and here are some of the pictures I took of our wonderful Mother Daughter trip!

We stayed at the Imperial Palace

Fire and Ice show at The Caesar's Forum

The Luxor

From the Excalibur to New York New York

Inside the New York New York

M&M Store

Vegas at Night

Bellagio Water Show

Inside the Paris

We went to see The Beatles "Love" Cirque Du Soleil
It is Fantastic!!!

The Volcano at The Mirage

The pirate show at Treasure Island
Not worth the wait especially when a girl behind you is so drunk
she passes out and drops her red drink and it splashes all over your new shoes!!!

The Venetian outside

The Venetian inside

The Conservatory inside the Bellagio
A man that is acting as a statue on the Vegas Strip