Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve Party

The Pauls
New Years Eve
Britain and Jayden Rush playing Air Hockey

Jake playing Band Hero

Noah Rush and Jake Marion

Aspen, Heather Marion, Kaleigh Williams and Abby Laycock

Jake, Joel and Wesley Marion

Ashleigh Williams and Abby MarionDiane, Rachel and Mark Marion
Devin Moses and Toby Rush
Andrea and Sophie Rush
Alanna and Shannon

Brandon and Mia Williams
Alanna and Devin Moses
Ringing in the New Year

Aspen and Abby's Paper House

The Paper House
T.V. Room playing Spongebob Squarepants
Bedroom with Beads hanging between the bedrooms

Basketball Court and Flag
Play Room with Wii and Ping Pong Table
Outside living room
Pool and Playground
Park and shed

Doggy Run
Pond and Bridge
Aspen and Abby took a long time to make this and it has been sitting in her bedroom for months now. I thought it was Abby's turn to take it home. So we took pictures of it so we could remember all the hard work that went into all these little details.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Britain's 8th Birthday

Britain had a great 8th birthday. He had already had his big friend party so we saved our presents and Aunt Pat's presents for his real Birthday. He was a happy boy this year and received more gifts than he could have hoped for. We love Britain soooooooo much and we are so glad he came to our family!
Britain's favorite things:
Sports: Football and Soccer
Football Team: Broncos
Food: Cashew Chicken and Candy
Friends: Jacob Fooshee and Wesley Marion
Color: Red
Hobby: Collecting Football Cards
Subject at school: Math
Pastimes: Throwing the football to himself he always has a ball!!! Playing Madden NFL!
What he wants to be when he grows up: Professional Football Player

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Eve Pajamas

Christmas morning before opening presents
Ornament Britain made for Ryan and I at school
Aspen and all her gifts from Santa and parents

Britain and all his gifts from Santa and Parents
Christmas dinner at Mom's house

Opening gifts at Mom's
Ryan's BYU shirts from Matt

Britain's favorite gift wide receiver gloves from a real Denver Bronco
along with signed football cards! From Matt and Jennifer
Uncle Matt is awesome according to Britain!!!
Gift card to Justice Aspen's favorite store!
Thanks Matt and Jennifer
I gave Gary some cologne Cool Waters
Aspen opening Grandad and Grammy's gift
Britain's blanket from Grandad and Grammy
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of Christmas Eve at Gardell and Leann's. We had lots of food trays provided by Gardell yum yum and tales of clean up of Meth and Suicide homes from a friend of Gardells. Interesting stories even more interesting on Christmas Eve. Then came home opened pajamas then went to bed to wait for Santa. Christmas day was a wonderful day at Mom's. It always goes by sooooo fast.