Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Britain's Class Party

Heather (the tennis player) Aspen (the bronco fan) Britain (the mad scientist) Wesley (the rockies player)
The Loot

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aspen's 12th Birthday

Locker decorations

Mashed potatoes

Aspen's cell phone and karaoke cds

Room decorations

Aspen and Mom

Aspen and Emily

Aspen and Sierra

Aspen and Reynna

Aspen and Heather
Aspen and Emily
Aspen and Madison
Aspen and Abby

Aspen and Aunt Roni
Aspen had a great 12th birthday.  Aspen woke up to streamers and balloons.  She went to school and her friends had decorated her locker and then I brought Taco Bell her meal of choice to school along with some cupcakes to share with her friends.  When she got home she chose mashed potatoes for her birthday dinner, yes just mashed potatoes.  She opened presents and then we had key lime pie.  She is very excited to have a cell phone finally!  Then she got to have friends over for a SURVIVOR PARTY.  We started out by choosing buffs (bright pink or lime green) then they decided their team name and had to write it on a poster.  So we had TEAM BLONDES AND TEAM MOST AWESOME EVER SERIOUSLY.   Then they played a guessing and word scramble game (which was all of Aspen's favorite things) Aspen didn't participate in this.  Then we had them do a puzzle and after we did our favorite game the food game.  Everyone was pretty brave with the food but no one but Britain would eat the sardine hmmmm I wonder why. So then it was on to a scavenger hunt, they only had a certain amount of time to get things off their list and return home.  Lastly we had a game where everyone was paired in twos, one was the caller and the other was blindfolded and had to listen for directions in picking up balls and placing them in a bucket.  In the end TEAM BLONDES won by 1 point.  They received a huge Hershey  bar ($1,000,000) and the losing team received ($100,000).  We ended the day with cake, ice cream and opening presents.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASPEN WE LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!