Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving in Logan

We had a great Thanksgiving! The weather was perfect for driving and it was nice to be with Gardell, Leann and Roni for the Holiday... Ryan and I were in charge of getting dinner ready while Gardell and Leann got Roni so Ryan and I got to work and realized two hours later the oven wasn't on. The stove is a double one and we didn't know how it worked so what was suppose to be lunch at one ended up dinner at 6:00pm oh well it was still good eats and much more appreciated since we were starving.

Gardell got everyone a Utah State shirt and Britain and Ryan went to a Utah State game against Wyoming Cowboys. They had a great father and son day!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Britain's New Obsession

Rubber band Bracelets... The new thing to do is buy a rainbow loom and make these bracelets with rubber bands you can do all different kinds.

Britain's Fall Soccer Season 2013 The Quakes

Britain did great and was one of the starting Forwards.  His coach called him the PROFESSOR because he was always anticipating where the ball was going and thinking where to be next. The coach also said Britain always knew how to hit the back of the net, he was the top scorer!!!