Saturday, January 22, 2011

Girls Basketball 2011

Aspen had a great basketball season. They had a great team they won some and lost some. The best part for Aspen was having her Dad as Assistant Coach and her two best friends on her team (Abby and Heather).

BYU vs. CSU Game

Britain, Wesley and Ryan

Wesley and Britain with their signs!!! So Cute!

Jackson Emery
Jackson Emery
Jimmer Fredette #32
Ryan said he would be #20 on the list
for NBA Draft pick right now. He is known
for his great 3 point shot.

Joel getting his awesome sign signed by Jimmer!

Ryan got tickets for our family to go to the BYU basketball game in Fort Collins but Aspen really didn't want to go and we found out that Wesley Marion would really like to go. Aspen stayed with The Marions and we took Wesley. Joel and Jake decided to come and see if they could get some tickets to this sold out game and were lucky enough to get two. We all had a great time especially since BYU won. I think the best part was getting autographs!!! It is funny how all boys (including men) get so excited about getting autographs even if the players are only in college. It was a great night and I had fun hanging out with the boys and being the photographer.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Aspen and Britain's New Pets

Britain's Beta Fish

Aspen's three Goldfish
Macey, Bling and Jewel

Aspen had to get two goldfish for a school project. She got the gold one "Macey" and the silver one "Bling". Later when Britain wanted a fish "Tebow", Aspen got the white one with the red on its head "Jewel". So now The Paul children can say they have a pet. Ryan can't say he is allergic!!!

My New Camera

I just got a new camera so I have been trying it out and I got this great picture of Britain. I had to post it because I thought it was so cute! Britain hates getting his picture taken and so I get all kinds of weird pictures...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our new TV and Entertainment Center

We have had a box T.V. and a very used entertainment center in our nice living room for awhile. It was given to us by Breanna to use for our Wii and ended up being used as our main TV upstairs. It started having problems so it was time for a new one. We went to go get a 32" or maybe 36" and ended up with a 42". That is what happens when Ryan takes me shopping. The new entertainment center looks really nice in our living room.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cubs Blue and Gold Banquet

The Fiesta Begins

"Celebrating Cub Scouts Birthday"

The Cakes
Pilar telling about Bolivia
Singing Happy Birthday in Spanish

The Presents

"Derby Cars"

The Pinata

The Daddy and Son Cake Off

Britain said "We made a football cake because

it is my favorite sport"

He won the award for "Most Team Spirit"

Britain receiving his award for:

Video Game Management (Belt Loop)

Bobcat Badge

Friday, January 14, 2011

Britain My Little Cub Scout

Britain just started Cub Scouts so I had to get some pictures of him in his uniform...