Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our New Adventure!!!

Since both of my kids will be in all day school this year I have decided to babysit this sweet little baby. Her name is Delaney and we had the pleasure of watching her this week. We all fell in love and loved having her around. She got lots of smooches and hugs. Aspen was a great helper she could do it all, so in about 2 years she will be a great babysitter for anyone who is in need of some help. Britain would be playing and then all of a sudden he would come where ever she was and say "I just had to look at her cute little face" and then run off. Many times through out the week the kids would say "I wish she was our baby". She will definitely get lots of lovin when she is here!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mrs. Twinkletoes

On our Utah trip the kids decided to pass the time by making up nicknames. I had brought up the idea of twinkletoes for Britain just to be funny but somehow I ended up with Mrs. Twinkletoes. Aspen early had received the nickname Creampuff because we were at a chinese buffet place and Aspen snuck a creampuff and when she came back to the table she hadn't quite finished it and a bunch of cream was coming out of her mouth. Britain's name ended up being Sonic and Ryan was Troll. So of course my birthday cake had to include Happy Birthday Mrs. Twinkletoes!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Off to Utah to see Jonas Brothers!!!

We went to Utah On July 3rd destination Jonas Brothers at Stadium of Fire. Our family loves the firework show and entertainment. Last year Aspen and Ryan went alone and saw Hannah Montana. But this year the whole family went. When we got there we went to The Oquirrh Temple open house so the kids got their first look inside a beautiful temple, it ONLY took us 3 hours to do the tour and mostly stand in line it was so packed. Then we went to our favorite hotel (The Long House) Jeff, Raylene and their wonderful kids are always so kind to us while we invade their home. We got up early the next morning and headed to Provo for the 4th of July Parade but this time we had box seats. James Mayfield a childhood friend of Ryans let us come up to his office that over looks the parade. Then we went to Ryan's favorite restaurant stop in Provo Los Hermanos. Then we headed to The Stadium of Fire. They have lots of booths you can go to and get free stuff such as: Jonas Brothers guitar pic necklaces, posters, pop, you get the idea. When we got into the stadium we saw these barricades leading up to a room we tried to get in but you had to have a backstage pass. So we waited front and center to see if they would come out, the police even said stand back make some room and then the Jonas Brothers Bodyguard came out so we thought for sure they were coming out but then someone by us said they brought them out a back door. Aspen was so sad because she had read a book on the Jonas Brothers and in it said they sign autographs for every fan so she really believed she was going to get that autograph but Ryan got to shake Glenn Becks hand I was sad because I am the one who watches him all the time, it should have been me but I am not aggressive like Ryan! So the show was great we all had a good time and great weather. Sunday we went to church with The Longs, had dinner with James and his family then took a walk with Jeff's family and had a little firework show of our own. The next day we headed to Seven Peaks Water Park and had a great time Aspen went on almost all of the slides (NO FEAR) Britain was a little short for most but him and I loved the wave pool!!! On Tuesday we left the Longs but had to get a picture of Britain and Tanner (his older brother he never had) Tanner was so kind to Brit playing basketball, video games and of course Army men! We drove to The Arches it was beautiful and hot! Then we went to a hotel and of course swam and swam. On Wednesday we headed home to Greeley. It was a fun trip I am so glad we can make memories together!!!