Friday, September 30, 2011

BYU vs. Utah State

We left early friday morning to get to Utah to see The Cougars play The Aggies.  Ryan's Uncle got us tickets.  When we got there we went to the BYU book store and got some BYU shirts, footballs, volleyballs and misc. stuff.  Then we headed over to the tailgate party and got lots of free stuff.  We headed into the game and waited by the locker room so Britain could high five all the players as they came out.  He even got a wrist band from Riley Nelson one of the Quarterbacks who ended up winning the game for them.  We ended up in the Aggie section and didn't get to sit together.  Britain and I sat a few rows in front of Aspen and Ryan.  It was a great game and kept us on our toes the whole game.  We had fun and it was a great first BYU game for Britain.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Our church is doing a big commercial campaign and they have a wonderful site for everyone to go to so they can get answers to questions about our church.  On this website members can write down their testimonies so Ryan had all the youth in our ward do this.  It is a wonderful site and the testimonies are awesome. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Britain's Broken Arm

On September 2nd Friday night Britain was playing with a couple of neighborhood boys on our trampoline and one of the boys decided to pick Brit up and throw him down on the tramp.  Britain put his right arm down to try and catch himself and his hand bent all the way back and touched his arm.  He started screaming and crying so the fun ended and I brought him in, it didn't look like anything was broken so I iced it and gave him some advil.  He slept through the night when he woke up it was a little swollen and he said it was still sore but he could go outside and play.  He said it hurt to ride a scooter but he was still playing finally we made him come in and he rested it on Sunday and Monday (which was labor day).  Then on Tuesday which was his first day back to school I got him a Dr. appointment sure enough it was broken but too swollen to get a cast (probably because he played football at recess).  So we had to wait until Friday to get a cast on.  Did you know they are water proof now?  I didn't but here he is with his cast on for 6 weeks.  I hope this is the last broken bone we have in this house.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Britain's First Day of 3rd Grade

Britain didn't start school until September 6th almost a whole month after Aspen started.  His elementary school was having some remodeling done so they started later this year.  He has Mrs. Fowler as his teacher and his best friend Dyllin is in his class.  So we are on to a new school year.  I   can't believe he is in 3rd grade it feels like yesterday I was taking him to Kindergarten. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Britain's Neighbor Buddies

This summer was really nice because Britain made some neighborhood buddies.  It was nice to not be asked every other second if he could have a play date.  Seth and Paul Hatch go to church with us and live a couple blocks away and Erik Brink lives on the same block so they all had a lot of fun playing with each other.