Friday, September 9, 2011

Britain's Broken Arm

On September 2nd Friday night Britain was playing with a couple of neighborhood boys on our trampoline and one of the boys decided to pick Brit up and throw him down on the tramp.  Britain put his right arm down to try and catch himself and his hand bent all the way back and touched his arm.  He started screaming and crying so the fun ended and I brought him in, it didn't look like anything was broken so I iced it and gave him some advil.  He slept through the night when he woke up it was a little swollen and he said it was still sore but he could go outside and play.  He said it hurt to ride a scooter but he was still playing finally we made him come in and he rested it on Sunday and Monday (which was labor day).  Then on Tuesday which was his first day back to school I got him a Dr. appointment sure enough it was broken but too swollen to get a cast (probably because he played football at recess).  So we had to wait until Friday to get a cast on.  Did you know they are water proof now?  I didn't but here he is with his cast on for 6 weeks.  I hope this is the last broken bone we have in this house.

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Alanna said...

That's such a crazy story. Hopefully it is the last broken bone for you all. Pretty cool that they are waterproof now, that must help.