Monday, October 12, 2009

Hopefully bad things come in Three!!!

The so called closet in our basement

Pillows drying out from the flood

The flooded Wall

Going to the basement from our stairs

We started on Hardwood Floors on Friday September 25th and well they are still not done. I had to have it stained dark and it has proven to be a little harder to apply stain then we thought. Probably 80% looks good but in the front entry it is not looking so hot so we are still in the middle of what feels like a construction zone. Then yesterday I came home from church and heard a funny noise went in the basement and our window was leaking water. I hurried and turned off the water and called the greatest neighbor and friend Bill Richardson. He helped me scoop out the water in the window well and wet vac the water off the floor. We are hoping we caught it in time so we can just put a fan on the wall and carpet and not have to replace the pad for the second time this year!!! So the bedroom that flooded is where we have been sleeping because of the hardwood floors being done. So little to say I have a disaster. And to top it off our garage door opener broke and had to be repaired. So 1,2,3 things happening at least we have our health!!! Here are some pictures of my home, ENJOY and be glad your not me!


Shannon said...

Mom I love you so much and hope that you'll stop worring so much! You have done such a good job on your blog! BYE MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE FOREVER YOUR DISASTER, #1 ASPEN PAUL

Mark and Diane said...

You poor thing. Maybe your visiting teacher should step in and help you in your moment of despair.

I'm sorry to hear about your trials. Have a great day(:

Alanna said...

My dear sweet friend, you rock and I'm sorry that you've had so many recent trials.

Oh, and how sweet of Aspen to comment on this post.