Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Celebration!!!

Valentine Gifts

Aspen's Class Party
Aspen and Mrs. Johnson
Aspen and Abby
Dylan Aspen's Classmate

Britain's Valentine Craft
Family Valentine Games

Activity Girls gave Ryan a Heart Attack

Our Valentine celebration started on Friday the 12th. I was in charge of Aspen's class party we had a great time playing games and eating pizza with pink ice cream floats. I love doing her parties and getting to know her class but unfortunately I don't get to be with Britain in his class on the party days which he is not used to. There is a picture of him holding his valentine mailbox he made in class, he said he had lots of fun having ice cream sundaes. Aspen's activity day girls from church came to our home and gave our door a "Heart Attack" there were lots of cute notes thanking Ryan for all the service he does for our church and some great yummy rice krispy treats. The kids woke up to lots of Valentine sweets and that night we played Valentine games as a family. We had a great day and it is always great to have a special day to show your love for others!!!

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Cee Cee said...

LOVE it! Sounds like a fabulous Valentine's Day!!!