Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AnOtHeR TrIp To ThE ER!!!

Aspen's one wish for Christmas break was to go Ice Skating. We got too busy and couldn't go until today. So the whole family headed to The Ice Haus and 45 minutes later we were headed to the emergency room to get 5 stitches. My poor girl, I asked her if she is trying to see how many scars one girl can get on her face. She still hasn't beaten my four. This one is on her jaw line so hopefully after awhile it won't be too noticeable. She was very brave and I am glad it was nothing worse.


Alanna said...

I'm so sorry. Who knew that ice skating could land you in the ER? No more accidents for her and no more stitches.

Diane said...

Poor Aspen-Heather.

If it makes her feel any better, Joel had stitches more time than I can count, all on the head. His poor eyebrow had it the most. His head had staples and we have lots of stories. She is still so pretty with all of her injuries. Hopefully she'll stop with these two.

Abby fell this summer in the Cook Islands and busted open her chin. We didn't have the men with us, so no Dr. Therefore, larger scar, with "stuff" likely still in there.At least you were close to the Dr's. Will she be up for BB next week? Let's hope.

Matt said...

Nothing could damage that beautiful face, NOTHIN’!