Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Harlem Globetrotters

Britain and I had a great day at the Globetrotters. Roni gave Britain 2 tickets to go to the Harlem Globetrotters as a Christmas gift. We got to the Pepsi Center about 1 hour before it started. Britain was asked if he would like to go on to the court before the game for a quick slam dunk contest with 3 other kids. He was nervous but he did it. He received an authentic Harlem Globetrotters wrist band for participating. The event was awesome. Britain had a great time. He was in to the game for the entire 2 hours. He did not want to leave. He just could not believe all the tricks and skills these players had. He was cheering and cheering and really getting into the game. It was funny to watch. Lots of entertainment. After the game we walked around the perimeter of the court and got several autographs of the players. The last guy we got the autograph from was named "Dizzy". After signing our paper I asked if Britian could have his head band. Dizzy said "sure" and pulled it off his sweaty head and handed it to Britain. Brit was so excited. How fun is that. First the head band from Kenyan Martin at the last nuggets game and now an official Globetrotters headband right off the players head. Too much fun!
Written by Ryan


Alanna said...

What a fun night for your boys. Great memories.

Matt said...

Oh snap, kid...You’re a luck duck.