Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Battle of the Books 2010

The Book Chics
Alyssa, Kaley, Shannon, Aspen and Abby
Frontier was invited to do the Battle of the Books this year. Aspen really wanted to do it so I signed on to be the coach. We met every week going over questions that would be asked in the competition. The girls read and read and read. We all had a great time. When the day of our school competition came one of our girls Aliyah couldnt be there, we were very sorry to not have her there that day. There were 5 teams competing and only two could go to district were all of Disctrict 6 would compete. One team got all the answers right on the first round and on the second round it came down to our team and one other team and we lost by one question. The girls were all disappointed, more than I expected. Everyone couldn't get throught all the books so I assigned different books to each girl and the questions we missed were read by Aliyah are missing player. Oh well thats the way it goes there is always next year. I was proud of all the girls they worked so hard and I cant wait to see what they do next year.


Aspen said...

i am so sad

Alanna said...

You all look so cute. I'm sorry that you almost won but didn't. Next year, next year.