Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend in Utah

Ryan and I got to enjoy a weekend getaway to Utah. Gardell, Leann and our good friends The Moses' watched our children for us from Friday to Sunday. Ryan and I haven't had a road trip alone since we first got married. I was very excited to have Ryan all to myself so I could talk his ear off and he was just wishing I would go to sleep so he could listen to his i-pod. On Friday we went to Ryan's missionary reunion and he got to catch up with two of his favorite companions Brian Allen and Ross Walker. It was fun to hear stories and see Ryan reminisce about his mission. Then we got to stay in downtown Salt Lake City just blocks from Temple Square. We had tickets to the Sunday session of conference so we were excited to see that. Ryan got up at 4:00a.m. to stand in line for Saturday morning session, I of course showed up at the last minute as they were handing out the tickets and almost gave Ryan a heart attack because I barely made it. If your not in line you don't get a ticket! We sat on Temple Square and listened to the Saturday afternoon session, it was a beautiful day. Ryan also got to attend Priesthood Session thanks to Ross Walker. Sunday morning we woke up and went to conference and then left from there to continue our journey back to Greeley. It was a great weekend I could do it every time conference comes around.

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