Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

My 4th and 1st grader in their school uniform

Britain's New Tennis Shoes
(He had to have Sketchers)

Aspen's New Tennis Shoes
(She had to have Sketcher Twinkletoes)

New Backpacks
(Aspen wanted one that looked like a purse & Britain had to have an Army one)
So last night the kids probably fell asleep between 9p.m. and 10p.m.. I think all of the excitement and nerves does that to you on the first night before school. We got up at 6a.m. so we could leave the house by 7:30a.m. so we could get to school before the bell rings at 8a.m.. The kids took lunch today and of course they both had to have ramen noodles. When we got to school we parked in front of the 3rd and 4th grade building and I asked Britain if he was o.k. to walk next door to his building and he said " Yea, of course and off he went no problem". Aspen is a little nervous because her best friend is not in her class and she is still getting to know everyone, since it is only her 2nd year at this school. So I walked her to the gym and before entering she gave me a kiss and she said " Come in with me until I find my friends, when we got in Abby waved to her and Aspen said "I am o.k. now" so off she went. Then I went to find Britain and he was at his desk all business and ready to go, he even let me kiss him goodbye and then I left them to their day. No tears this time just prayers that they have a great day!

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Alanna said...

Fun pictures. Both kids look great and I love the new shoes for both of them. I'm sure they'll have a great day and I hope you're at home enjoying the quiet and freedom.