Friday, August 7, 2009

Swim lessons and Internet

Today Aspen ended her swim lessons. She is in level 5 and she did really well. They really focused on the techniques of each swim stroke and how to do a roll in the water and kick off the wall to turn yourself around. Her favorite thing was at first the thing she dreaded, it was diving for a 10 lbs. block in the deep end. It took her a couple of tries but when she got it she loved it. I am sad I have no pictures but for some reason both of our camera cards were full and I left my phone at my mom's. I think we will do some more lessons this fall and sign Aspen up for a swim team next summer. I had signed Britain up this session also but his level didn't have enough people so we will have to try again next time.

We also joined the 20th century and got internet at home I am so excited now we won't have to depend on Ryan's work computer. Yea!!!

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Alanna said...

That's awesome that Aspen is doing so well. She would make a great swimmer.

Congrats on the internet. I'm truly happy for you.