Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ryan's Climb of Longs Peak

Ryan's Uncle Jeff invited him to climb Longs Peak. So Ryan jumped on the idea. They stayed at his grandma's house in Lyons on Thursday and got up on Friday July 24th early and got to Longs Peak at 3:10a.m.. They reached the summit at 10:00a.m.. Ryan said after they reached The Keyhole it became very technical. It was 15 miles round trip and they got back to the car at 3:oo p.m.. Ryan was wiped when he got home and said that he wouldn't be doing that again for a long time if ever, but yesterday he told me a friend of his wants to hike it next year and he wants to go. So I guess enough time has passed that he has forgotten all the hard work! These are some of the pictures he took!

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The Longs said...

Ryan, Good job making it to the summit and for keeping an eye out for Celsie. The keyhole was good for me, maybe next year I will go for the summit. I feel like a loser, haha! Nice pictures :)